Prolong shelf life and choose the best packaging

TFTAK has knowledge and experience to help with finding the best packaging solutions, including selection of packaging materials and environments (MAP, vacuum, addition of absorbers).

Accelerated food product shelf life testing

We conduct food product shelf life testing in real-life environments, as well as, accelerated shelf life tests to get the predicted shelf life in the quickest possible time. Our shelf life testing facilities enable us to modify storage temperature, humidity and light.

Do you want to know if your product can last for a year much faster that that time? Accelerated shelf life studies have been used to determine quality changes and confirm shelf life of MRE-s (meals Ready to Eat) with shelf life of 5 years in a just a 10-month period.

Real-time food product shelf life analysis

In addition to accelerated shelf life testing to monitor physical and chemical changes, the real-time food product shelf life analysis allows to include microbiological quality parameters of food products.

Can we help with choosing the optimal packaging?

Yes, we can. Our shelf life and packaging team can help you with the following services:

  • Selection of packaging material
  • Selection of packaging environment
  • Shelf life determination using above mentioned accelerated shelf life studies and real-time shelf life studies

Some examples

See what the right packaging or small changes in technology can do for your product. In order to solve similar challenges contact our team to conduct food product shelf life analysis and testing in a professional way, using science-based methods.

The optimal packaging material and environment has been selected for high-fat snacks that guarantees acceptable quality during storage while keeping the resources minimal.

Application of oxygen absorber and new packaging material helped to reduce the speed of changes in the color and aroma, and enabled the manufacturer to prolong the shelf life from 10 to 12+ months.
Elsavie high-fiber food supplements

Let us innovate together!

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