The focus areas of the team
dealing with food sensory analysis

Product profiling, market mapping and quality control, are services that we have mastered to include in our science-based approach to food sensory analysis

Product profiling

We help to identify what is the sensory profile of your product and how it differs from competitor(s)´ products. Find out if there is a difference between your products and products on market?

Market mapping

We can constantly conduct market research and focus on your product range, in order to identify which kind of products are already in the market in your category. What is the difference or is there a considerable difference?

Quality Control

Application of discrimination and descriptive tests to help to guarantee a product with stable quality form batch to batch and during shelf-life.

How our Quantitative and Qualitative consumer research team
can help you in product development and organoleptic analysis?

We have an outstanding experience in carrying out central location tests, interviews, focus group trials, online questionnaires. We also have collected a consumer database for different demographics, and comprehensive analysis and interpretation of organoleptic analyses results.

Find a perfect solution to train
your team of food professionals

We offer both public and in-house custom consultations and trainings for food professionals with a focus on the product category, which needs your extra attention.

Private consultations and in-house panel training

We can provide a custom in-house panel training, which is designed to meet your product portfolio. We are also ready to consult a small team, or your product developer one-on-one.

Implementation of food sensory quality control systems

We can help our clients to look through their current quality control system in terms of sensory properties; find out the critical control steps and work out methodologies that will guarantee the quality, and are in accordance with capabilities and individuality of the consumer.

Public training in food sensory and consumer research

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What kind of questions can our team help you answer?

  • What are the consumer´s motivations, expectations and experience
  • What kind of food innovation or products consumers like and dislike
  • What are the main sensory drivers of preference that guide the customers in their food choices
  • How consumers are segmented in terms of liking, food consuming habits and expectations
  • What gaps there may be in the market for new food products (like plant-based dairy alternatives, plant-based meat alternatives, fermented drinks, etc.)
  • How to optimize your product's sensory profile to maximize preference

What is our expertise?

TFTAK is a member of the European Sensory Network and active collaboration is one of the keys to be up to date with the recent methodologies and developments.

Our work in the field of sensory analysis of food is built on multidisciplinary sensometric approach by combining consumer and food sensory data with different instrumental sensory analyses measurements. That helps us gain deeper understanding on the influence between molecules in the products, their role in sensory perception, and the influence on consumer acceptance.

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