Specific food technology problems

TFTAK's scientific experience helps solve chemical, physical, and microbiological issues with various products. For example, providing solutions for yogurt syneresis, helping with selection of suitable starter cultures and enzymes, as well as, identifying different off-flavors and their origin to provide solutions for reduction or prevention of corresponding molecules.

New food product development
from an idea to production experiments

In TFTAK, we have competences and experience to help our partners in new food product development starting from the idea generation and scaling up to establishing suitable production lines. Some examples involve fermented drinks and fermented dairy products, plant-based meat product development, plant-based dairy product development, use of plant-based sources, products with added nutritional value, etc.

What food technology stands for and
what product development service means for our partners

Food technology is a branch of food science, which deals with the production processes that make foods. It involves recipe creation, prototyping, up-scaling to industrial level, packaging, food safety, and much more that is needed to produce wholesome and nutritious food products.

How can we help?

  • New product design – we can help when you are just in the idea phase or when you are stuck with your idea at a technological detail level, and need an expert opinion.
  • Line extension – add new innovative flavors or healthier alternatives to your existing product line.
  • Market research and product positioning will help your team to analyze and choose the most suitable product development ideas for your portfolio.
  • Menu design – Innovative approach to menu design will result in personalized menus that are created for your clients based on their needs and by using our unique platform.

Product development from an idea to commercial scale

TFTAK has an experienced team working in our state-of-the-art pilot scale food product development laboratory, which supports the science-based approach to product development. Laboratory uses innovative high-throughput methods to ensure the fast and innovative results.

Let us innovate together!
Ene Viiard, PhD
Chief Innovation Officer

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