Methods used for dairy product development

Is your dairy product development focusing on milk, cheese or yogurt? We use broad range of different methods and combine traditional and novel technologies to reach the attained results. Isothermal microcalorimetry is a key tool for starter culture screening, allowing a fast throughput of samples and detailed results. The final product quality is evaluated with the latest analytical tools. Read the following examples about our competencies.

What is it that makes cheese production complicated?

The focus of dairy technologies has been on cheese production and ripening. In addition, yogurt and curd cheese product development has also got a lot of attention throughout the years. Our work ranges from starter culture selection, evaluation of acidification to final product evaluation, etc.

How do we do it?

We go into details and use the latest analytical tools to deeply understand the processes of determining the protein, peptide and amino acid profile throughout the cheese ripening process.

Modern DNA- and RNA-based
methods in our service

Challenges, like detection of dominating cultures, responsible for complex aroma and taste profile, can be overcome by monitoring of the growth and autolysis of complex consortia of microorganisms during the cheese manufacturing and ripening, using modern DNA- and RNA-based methods, which include metagenomics and quantitative qPCR. The 16S DNA sequencing also helps to determine the food spoilage by either bacteria, or yeast and fungi.

Late blowing defect of hard and semi-hard cheeses can also be solved by implementation of state-of-the-art DNA/RNA based sequencing methods and metagenomics early in cheese manufacturing process.

Determining the quality of milk

Microbiological quality of milk is tested routinely in production units. Sometimes the problems can be caused by predominant bacterial groups (lactic acid bacteria count, psychotropic bacteria count, aerobic spore-forming bacteria count), which are not analyzed routinely by the dairy industry, and can cause much confusion in the production. Finding out about the unexpected changes in microbiology, could help your team improve the production process or the recipe.

Metagenomic analysis of microbial composition in starter cultures or dairies could help solve the more complicated quality problems. Furthermore, metagenomics is a novel approach to determine the spoilage bacteria which leads to improvement of the production process, and therefore lengthens the preservation of the final product.

Milk is an everchanging natural product and therefore clotting properties and monitoring the process of milk rennet coagulation in detail can help improve the product in desired way.

Perfecting of cheese production

We can help you take the first steps, like selection of starter cultures using comprehensive isothermal microcalorimetric method together with other analytical methods (iCinac, HPLC, UPLC, GC-MS, etc.).

Do you want to better understand the complex biochemical processes taking place during ripening and open up new opportunities for rational optimization of cheese manufacturing? Our experts can help you improve the process of monitoring of the casein hydrolysis in ripening cheese (CE, LC-MS/MS, UPLC methods), together with the evolution of viscoelastic properties (dynamic oscillatory rheology).

Yogurt and curd cheese product development

Science based approach to the selection of starter cultures and optimization of the production process build a strong base for excellent dairy products development in TFTAK. Detailed understanding of the production process and physical, chemical, microbiological, and sensory profile of the final result, are essential for excellent products.

In addition, a lot of innovation can be done in yogurt and curd cheese category, like fiber enriched dairy products, glucose-galactose syrup from whey using ultra- and nanofiltration technologies, etc.

Glucose-galactose syrup from whey using ultra- and nanofiltration technologies

Glucose-galactose syrup from whey using ultra- and nanofiltration technologies

Multigrain bread made of glucose-galactose syrup from whey

Multigrain bread made of glucose-galactose syrup from whey

In addition, feel free to challenge us in solving the dairy product quality control issues with any unexpected problem that might occur!

Let us innovate together!

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