Examples of food product development

Fermented drinks, fermented dairy products, plant-based meat products, plant-based dairy products, bakery products, and products with added nutritional value are just some examples of where we can help.

TFTAK is in possession of trained sensory panels and consumer sensory panels available to help you to innovate or ensure highest quality food product development.

Development of different plant-based products including plant-based dairy and meat alternatives is our passion. We aim at developing nutritious plant-based products with high sensory quality and acceptance by different consumer groups.

Our expertise in developing fermented products involves high throughput screening methods (like isothermal microcalorimetry and others) to determine the suitability of single strain microorganisms and mixed starter cultures for fermentation of various food matrixes. Enzyme technologies are developed to increase the digestibility of macronutrients and to reduce antinutrients in various plant-based products.

Rising consumer awareness towards the links between our food, health, and food production role in it has revolutionized – as food innovators and food product developers our aim is to fulfil consumer demand and expectations.

Milk quality and dairy product development has been the key focus in TFTAK since the establishment of the company. The focus on dairy technologies has been on cheese production and ripening. The protein, peptide and amino acid profile has been determined throughout the cheese ripening process. Furthermore, yogurt and curd cheese product development, starting from starter culture selection, evaluation of acidification and also final product evaluation, has been our focus throughout the years. The latest projects focus on fiber enriched dairy product development and more.

Our product development gallery enables to conduct the bakery product development experiments from ideation to larger scale. The current focus is on products like developing bread with a longer shelf life.

Determining the optimal shelf life is an important aspect for food producers. TFTAK has knowledge and experience to help with finding the best packaging solution, including the selection of packaging materials and environments (MAP, vacuum, addition of absorbers). We conduct shelf life studies in real-life environments, as well as, accelerated shelf life to predict shelf life in the quickest possible time.

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