Our food sensory analysis team at TFTAK consists of trained sensory panels and consumer sensory panels who are available to help you ensure product development of the highest quality or innovate with new product concepts. Our work is built on a multidisciplinary sensometric approach by combining consumer and food sensory data with different instrumental sensory analyses measurements.

Product profiling, market mapping and quality control are services that we have mastered to include in our science-based approach to food sensory analysis.

The focus areas of our team of Sensorics and Consumer Studies are:

  • Product profiling. We help to identify the sensory profile of your product and how it differs from competitors´ products. We reveal if there is a difference in taste, flavor, texture and/or appearance between your products and other products on the market.
  • Market mapping. In order to identify what kinds of products are already on the market in your category, we will conduct market research in your product range. That way we can determine the best way you can position your product.
  • Quality Control. Our sensory team applies discrimination and descriptive tests to help to guarantee a product with stable quality from batch to batch and during shelf-life.
  • Consumer tests. We have outstanding experience in carrying out central location tests, interviews, focus group trials, and online questionnaires. We have a consumer database for different demographics, and, after conducting the studies, we provide comprehensive analysis and interpretation of the data to support you in planning the next steps.

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Sirli Rosenvald, PhD
Team Lead, Meat Alternatives

Team Lead, Sensomics

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