Plant-based dairy alternatives are a growing trend due to changing lifestyles and growth of sustainable thinking. At TFTAK we are focused on the development of nutritious plant-based dairy alternatives with high sensory quality and acceptance by different consumer groups. We are using thoroughly selected plant proteins from diverse sources – e.g. oats, fava beans, peas – to develop both fermented and non-fermented dairy alternatives. The elimination of bitterness and off-flavors, typical to plant sources, are challenges that we face daily. We apply different technologies to tackle these issues, such as enzymatic treatment and fermentation. We have implemented a high-throughput screening method (isothermal microcalorimetry and multi-parallel pH screening combined with comprehensive chemical and physical analyses) for the selection of starter cultures to identify and characterize the best-performing microorganisms to produce next-generation plant-based products. Enzyme treatment helps to increase the digestibility of macronutrients and to reduce antinutrients and possible off-notes in plant-based products. We are working with solutions for different product categories such as yogurt, sour cream, cheese, spreads, and ice-cream alternatives formulating the product prototypes selecting fats, stabilizers, texturizers, and seasoning.

We support our partner companies in technology transfer from lab- to pilot- to industrial-scale, helping to optimize the technological procedure, recipe reformulation, shelf-life tests, consumer studies, and providing support during production-scale trials.

Plant protein-based yogurt and cheese alternatives prepared using fermentation are a crucial step to ensure desired sensorial properties such as taste and texture, and to guarantee microbiological stability during storage.

Plant-based dairy alternatives: pudding and ice-cream alternatives with increased nutritional value thanks to the addition of plant proteins and fibers.

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Marie Kriisa, PhD
Team Lead, Dairy Alternatives

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