Food needs to be of high quality in every respect: nutrition, appearance, flavor, safety, and stability. At TFTAK, our experienced team specializes in solving product-specific problems as well as developing new foods and drinks from idea to prototype. TFTAK offers a state-of-the-art pilot-scale product development laboratory.

Our product development team is experienced in the following areas:

  • New product design – we can help when you are mired in the idea phase or when you are struggling with your idea at a technological-detail level and need an expert opinion
  • Product-specific problems – our scientific experience helps to solve chemical, physical, and microbiological issues for various product categories
  • Line extension – add new innovative flavors or healthier alternatives to your existing product line
  • Market research and product positioning will help to analyze and choose the most suitable product development ideas for your portfolio

In addition, our analytics team offers excellent support in:

We have helped our clients to develop fermented drinks and fermented dairy products, products with added nutritional value, plant-based meat and dairy products and general application of plant-based protein sources. When it comes to product-specific problems, we have provided solutions for yogurt syneresis, the selection of suitable starter cultures and enzymes, as well as identifying and removing off-flavors.

Our food technology services team
is here to help!

Let us innovate together!
Ene Viiard, PhD
Director of Food Research

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