The human microbiome has vast potential in several areas, including being a source of naturally evolved drug candidates. The importance of the microbiome for human health is enhanced by technological advances in microbiology and genomics which lead to a rapid increase in interest and demand for cultivating microorganisms.

TFTAK offers a fast and cost-effective in vitro gut microbiome analysis service for the prebiotics industry to determine which product modifications have the most significant effect on human gut microbiota.

In order to test the effect of different prebiotics on human microbiome, we have developed:

  • A model consortium of 25 species of microorganisms
  • A technology for isothermal microcalorimetry-based serial batch screening

This technological breakthrough will allow the screening of tens of dietary fiber mixtures within a week. The information could then be used to choose a product for testing in human trials and microbial fermentation contract manufacturing.

Human Gut Consortium
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