Our work involves three main steps:

Genomic analysis. We analyze annotated genes to construct functional metabolic pathway maps and metabolic models. The latter helps us to gather essential information about potential auxotrophies and medium requirements for the screening phase and bioreactor process optimization.

Medium component screening with a microtiter plate reader, shake flask or isothermal microcalorimetry (IMC). IMC is the preferred method for anaerobes, which determines microbial growth by heat generated by metabolism. The strengths of the method are its excellent reproducibility and the fact that IMC also works in opaque environments. In the case of aerobic microbes, a shake flask or microtiter plate reader is preferred.

Bioreactor production process and downstream processing optimization. Here we optimize high culture density viable cell production. Sugar, yeast extract and peptone concentrations are optimized. Possible depletion of key medium components (e.g., amino acids) is determined and, based on the results, the final process is defined. We can also optimize the down-stream process including lyophilization procedures.

Cultivation Technology
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