Fermenters and isothermal microcalorimeters are indispensable
to scale up the microbial cell culture development

Isothermal microcalorimetry - a perfect tool for growth medium screening and other applications.

Isothermal microcalorimeter determines heat produced during microbial growth with high precision. The main strength of the device is the fact that it could be used in opaque environments that optical density based devices cannot handle. This is our main tool for medium screening experiments.

Isothermal microcalorimeter - tool for medium screening experiments

Isothermal microcalorimeter

Fermentation systems and applications

TFTAK has seven Applikon 1L bioreactors and one 7L system. The bioreactors are equipped with off-gas analysis and turbidity probes and ready for continuous, fed-batch and batch fermentation at controlled pH, temperature and gas environment. We have excellence in cultivation of both aerobes and strict anaerobes.

Applikon 1L bioreactor

Applikon 1L bioreactor

Applikon 7L bioreactor

Applikon 7L bioreactor

Cultivation of strict anaerobes

Strict anaerobes demand oxygen free environment.
TFTAK has Coy type B anaerobic chamber that makes it possible to handle species that do not tolerate oxygen.

Coy type B anaerobic chamber

Coy type B anaerobic chamber

Microbial cell culture services team is open
for collaboration in challenging projects

Our microbial cell culture services team is constantly growing and acquiring new knowledge. We have reached outstanding results in collaboration with world leading companies like DuPont, IFF, Lallemand and Danone and are open to experiment with fresh ideas and projects that no-one has done before.

Let us innovate together!

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