Human microbiome has a big potential

Human microbiome has a vast potential in several areas, including being a source of naturally evolved drug candidates. The importance of the microbiome for human health is enabled by technological advances in microbiology and genomics which lead to a rapid increase in interest and demand for cultivating microorganisms.

Cultivation of microorganisms in the microbiome world

There is a big leap in isolating new species and strains of microorganisms. Cultivation of microorganisms of simple bacteria is being done widely in several areas. New companies emerge, addressing human health, creating breakthrough opportunities to develop novel therapeutics, next generation probiotics, etc. However, studying and deploying new and complex bacteria is often hindered by skills and experience in cultivating them at an industrial scale.

High throughput simplified human gut consortium analysis
to determine the effects of dietary fiber

TFTAK is offering fast and cost-effective service for the prebiotics industry to find out which product modifications would have the largest effect on human gut microbiota. For that, we have developed a 25 species model consortium and an isothermal microcalorimetry based serial batch screening technology. The technology will allow screening of tens of dietary fiber mixtures within a week. The information could be used as a basis for choosing product for testing in human trials and microbial fermentation contract manufacturing. All of the latter for a fraction of the cost.

High throughput simplified human gut consortium analysis to determine the effects of dietary fiber

This is where we can help!

We are effective in offering fast solutions in the following cases:

  • For isolated species of interest that cannot be commercialized using simple optimization but need in-depth analysis
  • For developing efficient bioprocess for manufacturing consortia
  • To improve growth properties of species of interest with laboratory evolution and subsequent process development

Two major advantages that you will enjoy
while working with us

Time efficiency

Our experts develop a flexible pipeline for cultivation procedure that takes 2-3 months (instead of 6 to 12 months).

Full pipeline

The main uniqueness of our approach is to offer all services from DNA sequencing to development of industrially feasible bacteria in one pipeline, as an integrated service. Our approach to cultivation of microorganisms will combine a synergetic and high throughput pipeline of DNA sequencing methods, metabolic modelling, analytical (omics) methods and cultivation.

Let us innovate together!

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