We specialise in microbial
fermentation contract manufacturing

In addition to the single strain cultivation, TFTAK masters in developing multi-strain co-cultivation processes (2-10 strains). We can predict the behavior of co-culture growth and assess the viability of every strain in co-culture conditions. Our fermentation lab is certified to handle biosafety level 2 (BSL-2) and genetically modified microorganisms (GMMO). All that makes us your perfect partner in microbial fermentation contract manufacturing.

Our approach

Our approach starts from the species of interest of our clients. To develop lab-scale (1L) bioprocess and optimized down-stream processing the following steps are made:

  1. Metabolic modelling that involves pathway and key properties analysis. This phase is used in combination with literature review to collect all available data relevant to growth medium requirements.
  2. Medium component screening in isothermal microcalorimetry. Using the knowledge of the previous phase, we design efficient medium component screening scheme. Design of experiment approach is used to minimize the number of combinations needed in the phase.
  3. Microbial upscaling and production. The phase involves process development in 1L scale. It includes medium components and general process parameter like pH and temperature optimization with an aim to produce high concentration of viable cells. It also includes the produced cell post processing optimization to maximize product shelf life.

Bioprocess optimization through
laboratory evolution

TFTAK has years of experience with improving industrial strain technological properties through laboratory evolution. We have perfected our technology for improving strains growth rate in multiple environments since manufacturing conditions (e.g. yeast extract) and the growth conditions of where the strain is intended to grow (e.g. milk) are often different. We can track all mutations and make sure that important genes and plasmid are not lost during the evolution.

DNA sequencing, genome analysis and
metabolic modelling

The reason why TFTAK is a trusted partner for large and successful international companies is our knowledge of metabolism. The knowledge comes from careful analysis of genomes with an aim to get insight into the species of interest. TFTAK offers a complete service from genomic DNA sequencing to estimation of nutritional needs and metabolic by-products. In addition, we are offering service of metabolic modelling that proves useful when careful process troubleshooting is intended.

High throughput simplified human gut consortium analysis
to determine the effects of dietary fiber

TFTAK is offering fast and cost-effective service for the prebiotics industry to find out which product modifications would have the largest effect on human gut microbiota. For that, we have developed a 25 species model consortium and an isothermal microcalorimetry based serial batch screening technology. The technology will allow screening of tens of dietary fiber mixtures within a week. The information could be used as a basis for choosing product for testing in human trials and microbial fermentation contract manufacturing. All of the latter for a fraction of the cost.

Let us innovate together!

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