TFTAK is your ideal bioprocess engineering partner, offering outstanding support in microbial fermentation contract manufacturing. We have developed solutions for some of the best industrial strain manufacturers in the world – IFF, Lallemand and Beiersdorf.

We are focused on offering agile solutions in the following cases:

Our approach starts from the species of interest of our clients. To develop lab-scale (1L) bioprocess and optimized down-stream processing the following steps are made:

  • For isolated microbial species that cannot be commercialized using simple optimization but instead need in-depth analysis
  • For the development of an efficient bioprocess for manufacturing consortia
  • For the improvement of growth properties of microbial species of interest with laboratory evolution and subsequent process development

You will enjoy two major advantages while working with us:

  • Time efficiency

    Our experts can develop a flexible pipeline for the cultivation procedure that will take 2-3 months.

  • Full pipeline

    Our approach is distinct in that we offer all services from DNA sequencing to the development of industrially feasible bacteria in one pipeline, as an integrated service.

Our method of cultivating microorganisms combines a synergetic and high-throughput pipeline of DNA sequencing methods, metabolic modelling, analytical (omics) methods and cultivation for full bioprocess control.

Let us innovate together!

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