We focus on both the chemical analysis of foods as well as food ingredients, depending on your needs. Some of the chemical analyses performed in our laboratory include:

  • Analysis of amino acids (free and total) by LC-UV and LC-MS
  • Carbohydrates and organic acids by HPLC
  • Nucleotides, nucleosides, and nucleobases
  • Specific analyses for yeast products and supplements: Se-Met, thiols (GSH, GSSG, etc.), PEA/PPA, propanoic acid, sterols, cell wall polysaccharides (alpha-/beta-glucans and mannans)
  • Water-soluble vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, folic acid, biotin, B12, and vitamin C
  • Antinutrients in plant-based matrices and foods (phytates by spectral and LC-MS methods, saponins and vicine/convicine by LC-MS and LC-UV)
  • Dietary fiber as total dietary fiber by the AOAC 2017.16 method, along with fructans and beta-glucans
  • Polyphenolics Total phenolic content (TPC) and polyphenolic profiling by LC-MS
  • Profiling of volatile organic compounds by GC-MS

We also offer metabolomics monitoring of fermentation processes:

  • Untargeted metabolomics of fermentation samples (LC-MS/MS based) to identify differences between their metabolite profiles
  • Targeted analysis of extracellular metabolites and consumption of media components (sugars, SCFA, AA and vitamins) by HPLC, LC-UV, LC-MS/MS
  • Peptidomics (peptide mapping and untargeted analysis) by LC-IMS-QTOF
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Eeva-Gerda Kobrin, PhD

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