Determination of fermentation process parameters of non-alcoholic beverages using different starter cultures and growth environments
Aim of the project: During the project different starter cultures were tested in order to produce non-alcoholic fermented beverages. The aim of the project was to describe the growth parameters of different starter cultures in different growth environments and the properties of the obtained final products.
Evaluation of the suitability of fiber for the production of functional milk products with extended shelf life
Aim of the project: This project investigates the possibilities for the industrial production of dairy products enriched with different fiber. In addition, research is being carried out to develop and implement a new quality system based on metagenomic methods.
Competence Centre Program
Aim of the project: Center of Food and Fermentation Technologies (TFTAK) was founded on June 15th 2004 by Tallinn University of Technology and six partner companies. TFTAK offers extensive knowledge both in food and fermentation science. The technological base of TFTAK is regarded contemporary and sufficient for carrying out research in the food and fermentation technology field.
High throughput platform for growth improvement of microorganisms
Aim of the project: There are hundreds of different microbes in the human gut. Many could be useful as probiotics but growing them in larger amounts is technically difficult. Most of these microbes are obligate anaerobes and do not tolerate oxygen. During this project we develop a platform technology for the growth medium optimization for anaerobic bacteria. This technology speeds up the discovery process and paves the way for the next generation probiotics.
EU48667 Development of analytical service platform and innovation in food technologies
Duration: Jun 30, 2015 - Jun 29, 2022
Aim of the project: Two scientific directions are introduced in the project EU48667: 1) Development of analytical service platform for bio-food process monitoring and control together with development of systems and synthetic biology platforms for high throughput cell research and design, and; 2) Development of Food Technologies to support the innovative activities in Estonian food- and biochemical companies. An objective of the Project is motivate the enterprises to create the innovative products in cooperation with R&D institutions and companies. Project is supported by EU European Regional Development Fund in the sum of 5 697 954,91 EUR.
The possibility to offer personalized food options in the conditions of large kitchen production and in retail
Aim of the project: The aim was to explore how innovative IT solutions and laboratory analyses could be linked and the personalized nutritional recommendations provided in a retail setting, so that it would support the customer's healthy choices.
Enhanced application of plant proteins and side streams through degradation of antinutritional factors, RESTA17
Duration: Jun 30, 2020 - Apr 29, 2021
Aim of the project: The use of plant proteins and by-products for the development of new plant-based foods is limited due to the high content of antinutrients in these materials. Antinutrients are compounds that have been shown to have negative effects on human health and are found in legumes, cereals, and oilseeds. As a result, the consumers' attitude toward plant-based foods can often be negative. The research project aims at reducing the content of antinutrients in plant protein concentrates and oil extraction by-products using enzyme treatment, fermentation, and physical processing techniques, and to develop methods for the quantitative determination of antinutrients: phytates, saponins, vicine, and convicine. The know-how obtained as a result of the project and the technological solutions implemented, set the basis for the development, technology transfer, and successful production of innovative nutritious plant-based food products.

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