TFTAK - Center of Food and Fermentation Technologies

TFTAK is a privately-owned contract research organization focusing on developing innovative solutions for the food and biotechnology industry.

Our mission is to accelerate alternative protein research and support our partners in launching new products and services based on the novel approach of food synthetic biology.

In the innovative foods category, we have developed functional foods and beverages (e.g., enriched with proteins, probiotic bacteria, fiber, vitamins, and minerals) and carried out dietary intervention trials to demonstrate the health benefits of the developed products. Many of such products have reached the Estonian and Nordic market and improved consumers health.

By using a combination of skilled product development and assessment of the effect on consumers’ health we can support our clients in bringing healthy and tasty foods and beverages to any market.

Another one of our focus areas is alternative protein research. We rely on emerging technologies to extract and process plant proteins into next-generation healthy meat and dairy alternatives with superior taste and texture. As the key to feeding the planet while preserving our environment is transferring food production from the farms and fields to large-scale bioreactors, that are not dependent on the climatic conditions, affected by global pandemics or the availability of agricultural land. Taking advantage of microorganisms to produce high-quality proteins and oils will allow us to take animals out of the equation of food production, while providing us the chance to indulge on the foods we are used to, such as meat and dairy products.

In TFTAK we have the possibility to develop cultivation technologies and processing techniques to produce the next generation of proteins.

We work in close collaboration with our partners and clients to first develop the solutions at laboratory scale, then demonstrate the feasibility of the technologies at pilot scale and support our clients during the implementation phase – applying scientific advancements in food production.

Whom to meet?

Meet our Gulfood 2023 team @ Sheikh Saeed Halls, Pavilion No S-F34/S-G33

Ene Viiard, PhD
Director of Food Research
Mariane Barrier, MSc
Marketing Manager
Martti Tamm, MSc
Head of Engineering
Rain Kuldjärv, MSc
Team Lead, Functional Foods & Beverages

Find us @ the Estonian Pavilion No S-F34/S-G33!

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