Save the date – important conferences in spring 2020

MiFFI 2020

MiFFI 2020 will be held on 15-17 April 2020 in Copenhagen, Denmark.
The conference will seek the current best answer to the eternal questions:
• How to preserve food
• How to make food tasty and appealing
• How to promote health

Our microbiome expert Kaarel Adamberg will give a presentation about “Selection of specific microbial consortia for future probiotics”.

Join us for the MiFFI 2020 conference!


Better don’t forget to plan FoodBalt2020 – the biggest food conference in the Baltic – into your schedule!

FoodBalt2020 will be held on 4-6th of May 2020 in Tallinn, Estonia.

FoodBalt2020 will focus on:

  • Sensory and consumer research
  • Plant-based foods and ingredients
  • Valorisation and sustainability
  • Fermentation and microbiome science
  • Other topics of food science and technology

Join us for the FoodBalt2020 conference!