Presentation of CFFT cider research at SIVAL in France

Rain Kuldjärv, a senior scientist and project manager (beverages R&D) at CFFT, was invited to speak at the International Cider Conference (Entretients Cidricoles) held in the framework of SIVAL 2018 in Angers, France ( Rain Kuldjärv held an oral presentation, where he introduced Estonian cider culture and current research topics on the subject. The aim of the conference was to give an overview of the global cider sector across several countries with the focus on existing products, innovation, research, and trends. In addition to Estonia, cider specialists from France, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, and the Unites States have presented their insight. The oral reports from each country covered the following topics:

• Cider market and production (volumes, legislation, taxation, manufacturers, products and technologies), current trends on the market, consumer attitudes and expectations, and the social roll of cider.

• Needs and objectives of innovation and research from the perspective of both apple growers and cider producers

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