FoodBalt 2019 is almost to start!

13th Baltic Conference on Food Science FoodBalt 2019 will be held from 2nd to 3rd May, 2019 in Latvia, at the Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies. In the year of 2019 to the FoodBalt conference will be joined the 5th North and East European Congress on Food NEEFood 2019.

The conference brings together food scientists, researchers and technologists with the opportunity to meet each other and discuss a broad range of issues that are particularly important for scientific results in food, innovation and health. It is also a unique event in which leading food scientists and young scientists such as doctoral students or MSc students will be able to exchange the latest research results in their areas of the research, and acquire additional knowledge in other research areas.

Our team-members from the Center of Food and Fermentation Technologies will give exciting presentations as well as keynote speach during the program. Find them at the program:

2nd of May

1355-1410 O7 – S. Rosenvald, K. Peksar The stability of gas chromatography-olflactometry (GCO) panel performance

1525-1540 O11 – M. Kriisa, I. Stulova, S. Rosenvald, E. Viiard, R. Vilu Optimisation of the production technology of glucose-galactose syrup and its applications in food

1540-1555 O12 – I. Stulova, M. Kriisa, S. Rosenvald, E. Viiard, R. Vilu Glucose-galactose syrup applications in model products

1525-1540 O18 – R. Kuldjarv, A. Bljahhina, E. Viiard Turning compost material to food: Production of apple purée from industrial apple pomaces

3rd of May

1300-1340 KEY LECTURE Ene Viiard, Centre of Food and Fermentation Technologies, Estonia, Human gut microbiome analysis as an innovative tool for designing healthy foods and enhanced services (read more about mirobiome research)

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