Dairy products

We have created up-to-date knowledge how milk quality, metabolomics characteristics of starters, non-starters and contaminant microbes interplay with production technologies and determine the structure and flavor of the end-product. In our laboratory we can study the processes taking place during manufacture of cheese and other fermented dairy foods, design the production processes on scientific basis and describe the chemical, structural and sensory properties of the prepared dairy product.

The application of systems biology approach (metagenomics, proteomics, metabolomics etc.) helps us to carry out complex analysis of the whole production chain from farm bulk milk to ripened cheese or other fermented dairy products in order to reveal and improve problematic parts or optimize the production process for the higher quality of the products.

We use advanced data mining and chemometric methods for handling of the data obtained including the data on the technological processes in dairies. Development and implementation of an optimal set of chemometric methods and statistical analysis in dairies facilitates the control of the industrial processes and improves the quality of products.

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