Food technology and product development

Food is nothing without high quality in every following aspect: nutrition, appearance, flavor and stability. Strong competition in food sector requires companies to implement new technologies and methods to make their products “the best” on the market. This challenge can be overcome with support of scientific knowledge and research that can provide the company detailed knowledge regarding every important aspect of their product.

We are focused on two areas in food technology:

  1. Solving specific food technology problems regarding the production process of a certain food product;
  2. Food product development from scratch (some examples involve fermented drinks and dairy products, edible insects, vegan products, products with added nutritional value, etc.);

Some of the examples of our competencies:

  • fermented drinks and dairy products
  • products with improved nutritional value or specific health benefits
  • vegan products and plant protein
  • organic products
  • edible insects
  • bread
  • self-life testing
  • packaging material selection, etc.

Often food manufacturers lack specific instrumentation and skills to solve complex problems that can occur during industrial production processes of various foods. In CFFT we are able to combine sophisticated instrumental analytical methods with sensory analysis performed by a trained panel of assessors to thoroughly study the problem and to find solutions to even the most complex questions. We are able to perform:

1) Chemical analysis using HPLC, UPLC, LC-MS, GC-MS, GC-O;
2) Microbiological analysis with traditional techniques and high throughput metagenomic sequencing of 16S rRNA genes;
3) Rheological analysis by rheometer and texture profile analysis;
4) Sensory analysis with a trained panel of assessors capable of tackling the most difficult cases;

New food product development can be a challenge in today’s highly competitive market. In CFFT we are able to bring your ideas to life. We can evaluate the market, find suitable raw materials and production technologies, develop recipes and prepare sample products in small scale. Our shelf life tests give you an overview of the quality and stability of the products. We are also able to carry out consumer studies.

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