New production technologies of yeast-derived biosupplements 

The importance of yeasts in food and biotechnology is impossible to overestimate. In addition to the classical applications, such as food fermentation processes, yeast has come to serve the needs of several other industries in biotechnology field. This is mostly due to the fact that yeast biomass is relatively easy and cost-efficient to cultivate and its metabolism is widely studied. Moreover, yeast is increasingly employed as a ‘cell factory’ for production of compounds which are of interest in food and biotechnology industries. A large number of bioactive compounds, synthesized naturally in yeast are already widely exploited for various food and biotechnological purposes and as biosupplements in human and animal nutrition.

We enhance the accumulation of bioactive compounds in yeast biomass, develop methods for their extraction and analytical determination. We use advanced, accelerostat-based cultivation technologies in combination with directed evolution and screening of the metabolic capabilities of S. cerevisiae and other yeast species for enhancing the biosynthesis of bioactive compounds under interest. Ethanol-stat fed-batch cultivations are used for optimization of industrial processes towards the most efficient and cost-effective production. Development of downstream processes, such as biomass fractionation and purification of bioactive compounds under interest, as well as application of contemporary analytical methods, e.g. NMR,UPLC-MS and stable isotope dilution assay (SIDA), GC-MS-SIDA for the characterization and quantification of the bioactive compounds is also carried out.