Elsavie microbiome sampling kit was awarded in Golden Egg Creativity Festival

KuldmunaThis was the 22nd year for the Estonian Marketing Association’s Golden Egg Creativity Festival held by The Estonian Marketing Association (EMA). The Golden Egg Creativity Festival brings agencies and brands under one roof with the common agenda of advancing the profession’s best practices for growth in the industry.

There were 848 entries this year, 45 Golden Eggs were awarded, plus 47 Silver, and 50 Bronze.

Center of Food and Fermentation Technologies has launched a microbiome test under the Elsavie brand (www.elsavie.com). The brand was created in collaboration with the designers from Brand Manual and Dint OÜ and out of the whole concept the microbiome sampling kit was presented to the festival.

We are delighted to share that Elsavie’s microbiome sampling kit was shortlisted in the category Design: Special skills / Infographics and was awarded with a special prize.

Look for the list of all nominees: http://defol.io/kuldmuna/2020-elsavie-mikrobioomi-test

Thank you Tuuli Laumets (Dint OÜ), Kaili Kallas and J.Margus Klaar (Brand Manual)

What is microbiome analyses?

Microbiomes are the sum total of a person’s micro organism genome. Based on microbiomes it is possible to define a persons microbiota. Microbiota is the micro organism composition that lives in people. The most numerous consortia is living in our gut and do not cause sickness in every day situations.

The digestive system microbiota influences your immune system (antibody production), digestion (break down of fiber, vitamin production) and resistance to colonisation by pathogens. Micro organisms can be divided into three groups: useful, potentially harmful and harmful.

The normal digestive system microbiota is a balanced community called eubiosis. An unbalanced community is called disbiosis. Digestive system diseases such as ulcerative colitis, irritated bowel syndrome as well as obesity, diabetes, allergies and other chronic diseases are associated with disbiosis.

The composition of your digestive tract microbiota are influenced by your genes, age, living environment, diet, diseases and medicines. These factors depend on the microbe groups that dominate in your digestive tract, also called enterotypes.

The microbiota in your digestive tract can be influenced by your diet, by increasing “useful” and reducing “potentially pathogenic” micro organisms.

The Elsavie microbiome test clarifies:

  1. What kind of bacteria are found in your intestines.
  2. If you have probiotic bacteria.
  3. If your bacterial community suggests inflammation.
  4. If you need to change your diet.
  5. How supplements impact your microbiota.
  6. If you consume enough fiber.
  7. If you consume the right type of fiber.
  8. If you consume too much fat and protein.

Microbiome test report includes the following:

  • Overview of the results with the most relevant characteristics.
  • Information about the bacterial families in Your gut microbial community.
  • Rating with recommendations, if possible, for all the analysed parameters, such as the diversity and richness of

    Mikrobioomi analüüs, microbiome test

  • Your microbial community, the abundance of bacteria associated with fats and proteins, inflammation and butyric acid production, the abundance of beneficial Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus bacteria and enterotypes.
  • Appendices. Supplementary tables showing most abundant, commonly found and pro-inflammatory bacteria in Your sample.

Moire information about the Elsavie microbiome test: www.microbiome.ee