PhD defense of Sten Erm “Use of Mother-Daughter Multi-Bioreactor Systems for Studies of Steady State Microbial Growth Space”

CFFT employee and PhD student Sten Erm will defend his PhD thesis “Use of Mother-Daughter Multi-Bioreactor Systems for Studies of Steady State Microbial Growth Space” May 30, 2017, 14:00 , in TUT Natural Sciences building, SCI-109. Microbial physiology analysis is …


Estonians are trying to save the planet with meat substitutes

CFFT is cooperating with EthicoFoods, a company aiming to develop high-quality and tasty meat substitutes. The CEO of EthicoFoods, Anu Menon, explained that they want the meat-eaters to still get the satisfaction associated with eating meat. Thus, they’ve tried to …


Want a healthy gut?

Here’ s a wonderful presentation from Ted-ED. Check out our service for assessing the health of your microbiome here!


CFFT dry sourdough advances to Top30

CFFT friend and distributor Vaga Aed made it in the top30 of the idea competition Ajujaht. Vaga Aed produces and distributes dry sourdough (developed by CFFT) and green powder of freeze-dried nettle. With dry sourdough we make a revolution in …


Estonian National Contest for University Students

One of the award recipients is also from the ranks of CFFT – Kaspar Mooses. In the field of bio- and environmental sciences he received an award for the work: “Optimization of soy and rice protein hydrolysis for production of …


Congress of Baltic Microbiologists 2016

The scope of Congress is microbiology, including its many different aspects like molecular, environmental, food, agricultural, and biotechnological topics, with several medicinal branches of microbiology. Immunology and virusology is also included in the scope of the Congress. The goal is …


CFFT scientists are growing valuable bacteria for a french giant

Systems biology and synthetic biology have become an important part of research and optimisation of food and biotechnological processes. The defining feature of systems biology is that it takes into account all the important molecules in the design of new …


CFFT is researching how to properly season airplane food

NovoOne Ltd. , a company that is focused on offering catering service for airplane companies, has started collaborating with CFFT scientists to develop a scientific model for proper seasoning of airplane food, thereby perfecting the taste experience high above ground. …


CFFT ciders gained recognition in an international competition

A partner of CFFT, Estonian handicraft cider manufacturer Siidrikoda, received a silver medal for taste and product design. There were 183 manufacturers participating from all over the world. International Cider Challenge 2016 was organized by the famous Off Licence News. …


Partners of CFFT are conquering international markets