Center of Food and Fermentation Technologies (TFTAK)

TFTAK is an R&D company based on extensive use of modern analytical methods, systems biology and synthetic biology principles, aiming at development and introduction of innovative food and fermentation technologies.

TFTAK has state-of-the-art laboratory and highly qualified personnel. The center deals with research projects of biotechnology, as well as, food technology. Biotechnology and food technology-based R&D are very closely related in TFTAK via the use of ‘omics’ methods and in-depth knowledge and understanding of molecules and their behavior.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide excellent support in applied research and product development to our partner enterprises.

Our values

We value scientific excellence, reliability, dexterity, collaboration, and continuous growth.

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Center of Food and Fermentation Technologies


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How the workflow is organized in our
bio and food research and product development company?

Are you looking for a more efficient way to conduct research and development (R&D)? In order to be an efficient bio and food research and product development company, we are following the rapid product development approach. Our R&D process is described in the next steps which are customized to producers’ needs:


As a food research and development company our focus areas are divided between bioprocess optimization, food research analytics, and metagenomics

The Department of Bioprocess Optimization mainly works with:

  • Cultivation and microbial communities research, using high throughput cultivation techniques for bacteria & fungi
  • In vitro & in vivo studies of human gut microbiota and Next Generation Probiotics (NGPs)
  • Bioinformatics, using high throughput metagenomic sequencing of microbial communities

The Department of Food Research mainly works with:

  • Healthy functional foods
  • Fermentation and enzyme technologies
  • Plant-based meat and dairy alternatives
  • Dairy technologies
  • Bakery technologies
  • Sensory and consumer science
  • Packaging and shelf life

Food research and product development in TFTAK is strongly supported by our own Department of Analytics, offering chemical, physical, microbiological and sensory analyses, and offering method development to find solutions to the producers’ specific daily needs while mastering a wide range of techniques:

  • Chemical (GC-MS, GC-O, LC-MS, UPLC-QQQ, etc.)
  • Physical (aw, rheology, TPA, SEM, etc.) analyses
  • Microbiological
  • Sensory analyses

In addition, the Department of Metagenomics has a crucial part in product development, supporting with microbiome analysis and profiling services.

Publications and projects in focus

The effect of apple juice clarification and concentration on cider fermentation and properties of the final product. (2020)
The composition of faecal microbiota is related to the amount and variety of dietary fibres. (2020)
Use of Changestat for Growth Rate Studies of Gut Microbiota. (2020)
Impact of Fermentation and Phytase Treatment of Pea-Oat Protein Blend on Physicochemical, Sensory, and Nutritional Properties of Extruded Meat Analogs. (2020)
Ongoing project
Determination of fermentation process parameters of non-alcoholic beverages using different starter cultures and growth environments
Ended project
Design and application of novel levansucrase catalysts for the production of functional food ingredients (Functional Food Ingredients), 3.2.0701.12–0041
Ongoing project
High throughput platform for growth improvement of microorganisms
Ongoing project
Enhanced application of plant proteins and side streams through degradation of antinutritional factors, RESTA17
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Our clients and our work speak for us

TFTAK has deep food science expertise from ingredient processing to food manufacturing and formulation to sensory & consumer studies. They are making important contributions to the field of alternative proteins and I am grateful for their willingness to share their knowledge and experience with GFI. The team in TFTAK is collaborative, friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive: all qualities that make them excellent research partners and collaborators!

Erin Rees Clayton, Good Food Institute (GFI)

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